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Bounce House Party Lake County FL

No other event can ever beat an outdoor bounce house party. It’s fun, exciting, and a purely wholesome activity that is perfect for the whole family. Indeed, these are some of the best things you can do as a parent!

If you’re the type of person who dreams of having a lively and funhouse party that’s not just for drinking wine and gossiping with your two best friends, then go rent a bounce house or water slides. Bounce houses and other inflatables take preparation – it isn’t as simple as putting up a tent. Your inflatable rental company will verify if your location is suitable then set up and secure your inflatable properly for you.

If you’re unsure of these conditions, refer to the list below.

1. The upright height of the bounce house

The size of the bounce house rental can be determined by large trees in or near the installation area. Castle-style units are best for larger spaces where a lot of people may attend, while smaller and simpler inflatable units (such as inflatable sidewalk games) work well in venues with limited outdoor space.

Whether you are targeting a bounce house, inflatable combos, or water slide that will work in your backyard, for an event at a large convention space, or as a rental for temporary use like at parties or graduations, the good news is that there are many variations available at Ozone Inflatable Rentals.

2. The amenities provided at the event

As you are planning an indoor party, don’t forget about the other things like tables and chairs, popcorn machine, snow cone machine, or an audio-visual system that also needs extra space. In addition, you’ll need a designated area for receiving guests as well.

You don’t want to cram everyone in a single spot because it will lack space, and you also wouldn’t like a disorderly venue. Coordinate with the rental owner and get them to show you the place before you even start setting up the bouncer.

3. Ask to make sure that the bounce house is safely secured

Going about planning a party with little ones can be a headache, especially if you have to deal with the height of your venue. Inflatable bouncers must clear or stay away from all powerlines or trees.

This may not be an issue if your chosen bounce house is on the lower side, but don’t expect most of them to have this option. When it comes to amenities, you want high quality. Most bounce houses have the capacity for 10-15 kids (depending on size) at a time and the usual peak weight limit is around 500 pounds, which should be enough to accommodate most of your guests.

4. Request proper anchoring of inflatables

When you’ve found a spot that provides plenty of outdoor height and width (away from powerlines and trees), it may be time to set up a taller inflatable castle, inflatable water slide, or inflatable obstacle course. However, before doing this you should also strap down your inflatable. Kids playing in an inflatable combo can push or pull against it causing accidents and damage to nearby furniture.

Renters might request additional stakes to anchor them in place, which can’t be bought down by winds.


Have you been having difficulty organizing an outdoor bounce house party? By keeping a few requirements in mind and following some of the tips provided above, you are well on your way to hosting an unforgettable event for kids.

You may be searching for a company that rents high-quality inflatable rentals for your next event. Call on Ozone Inflatable Rentals in Lake County, FL for party equipment rental service needs.

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